Meet the Jury of 2014






  Stephanie Manasseh,

Founding Director Accessible Art

Born and raised in Montreal, Stéphanie received her degree from McGill University and went on to study at Sotheby’s in London. In 1997 she left Canada to live in Europe and in 2007 she set up the Accessible Art Fair with the mission to give a platform to talented emerging and established artists to sell their work to an art buying public.


Juliette Debruxelles,

  Culture and Lifestyle Journalist for Elle Belgique

Juliette is a journalist, Culture Editor, Trends & News Editor for ELLE Belgium, and is also a communication and digital content consultant and for big companies. She is a collector of accessible pieces of art, works of emerging artists, and she loves urban art. She claims herself refractory to humor, easiness, and elitism in Art, which still leaves plenty of room for new discoveries!




   Kunty Moureau,

 Freelance journalist, Art, Design, Fashion, Architecture

Graduated with a degree in Art History and a Master in Art Actuel, Kunty Moureau was subsequently gallerist for 10 years and is currently an expert in Fine Arts, Design and Fashion by the Federation Wallonie-Brussels. Kunty Moureau is also Freelance Journalist in these matters (Revue Villas, Belgian Boutique, etc). As well as being a Jury member, Kunty will also be the curator of the new Design Pavilion, A platform that will showcase the creations of Belgian designers.





 Kathryn Smith,

           Managing director Ampersand House

Originally from Australia where she took her first degrees in Fine Art and Law, Kathryn Smith subsequently moved to the United Kingdom where she took her PhD in Law from Cambridge University. She moved to Brussels in 2011. Kathryn is a qualified art historian and lawyer working as a curator and private adviser to corporate collectors and investors with a focus on art and design. With her husband Ike Udechuku she created Ampersand House in 2011 – a private home and gallery where mid-century design meets contemporary art and creativity.




Sophie Clauwaert,

Managing director of ArtExpert

Sophie Clauwaert received her degree in Art History from ULB and went on to study Fine and Decorative Art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She is now the Managing Director of ArtExpert, a private Art Consultancy company who assists people in the research, valuation, acquisition and selling process of their fine art and antiques. ArtExpert also organises cultural activities and has a research and consulting service covering all the domains of art.




Aude de Vaucresson

Contemporary art specialist

Aude de Vaucresson has started working has Art Advisor after having been head of the Modern and Contemporary department of Sotheby’s Belgium. During her 11 years at Sotheby’s, and supported by her strong interest for the subject, she has developed a wide expertise of the Contemporary and Modern Art; Beforehand, she has worked for Micky Tiroche Fine arts, London. She has a Master in Law from the University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne and followed an History of Art course, History of Art (MA), from the Birbeck Collecge, University London.