VIDEO Interviews


ACAF Short Film 2018

A new way to show art | Stephanie Manasseh | TEDxFlandersWomen

Artist Conor Collins | Interview 2018

Artist Rod McIntosh | Interview 2018

Artist Vehap Shehi | Interview 2018

Maria Gil Ulldemolins


Alberto Saleh

Pedro Correa

Artist Pandemonia | Interview 2018

Art Expert Sophie Clauwaert | Interview 2018

Artist Antonella Cusimano | Interview 2018

Interview with Artist Abdalla Al Omari | BBC World

Alix Philippe

Nadia Berriche

Christian De Wulf


Artist Jacqueline Horler | Interview 2018

Flemish Culture Minister Sven Gatz | Interview 2018

Accessible Art Fair 2017 | BOZAR

Bendt Eyckermans


Lisa Allegretta

Beddru Interview

The Accessible Art Fair has been an amazing experience. Being able to meet art lovers, having discussions with them, sharing emotions and talking about what our work inspires tHEM has given me such a boost of energy. 

 Marco Schmidt (ACAF ARTIST, Belgium)