Our Team


Stephanie Manasseh

After completing her degree at McGill University, Stephanie left her native Montreal and has been living in various European countries for almost 20 years. She settled in Belgium in 2004 which is where the concept of the Accessible Art Fair was born. Her idea was to give a high end showcase to unknown artists and make them accessible to a discerning audience. Now in its 11th year, Stephanie is proud of how it has developed into a recognisable brand while still offering opportunities to international artists and art buyers. Stephanie has also curated for luxury brands - BMW, Montblanc, American Express - to name a few. Stephanie has also recently been an invited speaker at the International New York Times "Art For Tomorrow" conference, sharing a stage with Marina Abramovic and Jeff Koons, and has participated in a TedX talk.

 Accessible Art Fair - Meet the ACAF Team - Alina Ologu


Project Manager


Alina started working for the Accessible Art Fair more than a year ago and she is pursuing a professional path in the art world. Cultural Management MA graduate at ULB, Brussels, former scholarship-holder in France and her other MA and BA degrees completed in Romania, she is academically shaped in the field of Communication, Media and Cultural Studies. With a background in the film industry and art market research, she is building her career with devotion, creativity and passion. Always seeking knowledge, she finds that learning from the right people and loving what you do can be truly enlightening.