Think Freedom Project - by Edina Seleskovic




Accessible Art Fair (ACAF) is a CONTEMPORARY ART event bringing together artists and the public. Founded in 2006, The mission of the Accessible Art Fair  remains unchanged: forging a bond between the artist and the buyer. This 4-day event offers a platform for artists to exhibit their work in a cultural and prestigious space. We strive to make quality artists accessible to the public and the public accessible to the artists.

For an artist having access to an audience is of paramount importance. Stephanie Manasseh’s Accessible Art Fair opens doors in a field where entry is notoriously narrow.
Simon de Pury

“ACAF is an important window for independent artists to show the results of months of studio-work and preparation. The connections with art collectors are direct and down to earth. It's also a pleasant experience to get to know art-fellows and exchange views and sometimes project-ideas".”

Beddru - 2018 Particapting Artist

“The direct encounter with the public allowed me once again to deepen the different axes of my work and to be able to measure the impact it has on a diverse and varied public, both in terms of age, gender, and also nationalities, since Brussels is an international city. This experience has therefore been a great source of reflection and intellectual enrichment for me.”

Séve Favre - 2018 Participating Artist

“ACAF is a truly international opportunity for artists to connect and discuss our practice and philosophies”.

Rod McIntosh - 2018 Participating Artist


Photos from Accessible Art Fair 2018 edition

Simon de Pury, Kenny Schachter at the Kunsthalle Zurich, June 8, during Zurich Art Weekend talking about new models in the art world, including Accessible Art Fair. Stephanie Manasseh, ACAF founder and director was present at the event.




Think Freedom is a comprehensive public art project communicating the universal power of art and sending a message freedom from Sarajevo, all of Europe, the America’s, and the World. It incorporates sculpture, installation, performance, light, sound, film, the art of literary word, and new global communication technologies to examine the concept of Freedom in our time. It researches attitudes and ideas of new generations as a platform supporting new dialogues, interaction, and diverse aspects of their lives in the new millennia.

The artist: Renown Bosnian born New York based artist, Edina Seleskovic, joins hands with young students from each host city in order to create an urban spectacle and share it with host cities to connect globally.
Installation of the project Think Freedom composed of hundreds of sculptures, originated in Sarajevo in 2015. Associated Press published the first photograph of Think Freedom installation as the Global Image of the Day and Vatican Embassy presented single Think Freedom sculpture to His Holiness pope Frances.





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